General House Rules

LABS House Rules

These House Rules set out some rules and regulations, supplementary to the Term and Conditions of your license. These rules apply to your use of LABS buildings and services. The definitions used in the Terms and Conditions shall have the same meaning in these House Rules.


a) Access to your Home LABS Building for all membership types is 24/7. Our team are on site to support during the hours of 8.30am-5.30pm Monday to Friday (except holidays). We may alter the access to your Home LABS Building (or any other LABS Building) at any time at our reasonable discretion.

b) Access to Coworking Areas and Lounge Areas is on a first come, first served basis and there may be times when space may not be available, in which case we may suggest use of a Coworking Area or Lounge Area in another LABS Building. c) Access to outdoor areas of the buildings is available from 8:30am – 5.30pm.

d) During the hours that our team aren’t on site to support you, for security purposes please do not let others access LABS Buildings without ensuring that they have permission to access the relevant building.

e) To access the LABS Buildings, you will be allocated a swipe card for each person we have set the office up for. Additional/lost swipe cards and/or keys can be ordered at £20 + VAT per item. Swipe cards may only be used by the individual to whom they are assigned to.

f) On your last day please return all keys and swipe cards. Should any not be returned you may be liable to a charge that will be taken from your deposit (equivalent to the cost of the key and/or swipe card(s)).

g) From time to time LABS Buildings will undergo refurbishments and/or design changes and we may make changes to the size, areas and layouts of LABS Buildings and the Office Spaces.

Coworking Space Use

a) Coworking Areas are not designed to be permanent workspaces and we may withhold access to Coworking Areas if we believe your use of the space is impeding other members having fair use of the space. If we are concerned that you are using the Coworking Areas in this way, we will discuss with you the potential upgrading of your membership to a specific desk in your chosen LABS Building or in the nearest alternative LABS Building.

b) You may bring up to 2 guests into the Coworking Areas at any one time (for meeting purposes) and it is your responsibility to ensure they comply with these Rules.

c) Your guests will be required to sign in and out at reception every time you enter and leave a LABS Building.

d) Please use Areas with due regard to the rights and interests of other users, including, without limitation, having regard to noise levels (including phone use and music), disturbance, the amount of space you are using and your use of the wireless connections.

e) Please don’t spread out papers, coats and bags in a way that will stop members from working from other seats and keep the space tidy and clear of rubbish and any obstructions. Please use the cloakroom, lockers or coat hooks that are there for your convenience..f) Please make use of the communal areas for consuming your snacks and food.

Lockers, Keys and Belongings

a) If you leave the seat that youre working from for more than 30 minutes, please take your belongings with you or place them in a locker. Day lockers are available until 5.30pm each day in the LABS Buildings by request at reception and are free of charge. If you leave your belongings unattended for more than 30 minutes, we may remove such items from the relevant areas and/or place them in a locker. Any belongings left in our day lockers overnight will be removed.

b) If your items are removed from our lockers or other relevant areas, please ask at reception in the relevant LABS Building.

c) We will keep all items removed from lockers or the Areas for a period of six weeks, following which your items shall be treated as abandoned by you and will be disposed of or destroyed by us accordingly. We accept no liability for goods removed from our lockers or other relevant areas and we will have no responsibility to you for any such disposal or destruction regardless of the value of those belongings.

d) In the event that you lose a key to one of our free lockers and or rented lockers, you will be liable for replacing the lost key or whole lock if necessary. Costs of replacement keys are at £20 + vat.

e) You are responsible for your belongings that you bring with you, including anything you choose to store in our lockers and any equipment that you borrow from our reception team (eg. phone chargers).

f) You will be responsible for any equipment that you borrow from our reception (e.g. phone chargers), liable for damage caused to such equipment and the cost of any equipment not returned to reception by 6pm on the day that it is borrowed.

g) In some LABS Buildings lockers are available for you to rent on a monthly basis. If you are interested, please speak with your General Manager for more information. Charges for Locker usage are as follows (a) Small Lockers at £15 + vat (b) Medium Lockers at £20 + vat (c) Large Lockers at £30 + vat.

h) Lockers will be used by the you solely for the purposes of storing your personal belongings, and for no other purposes.

i) You shall keep the locker in good and clean condition and notify us immediately of any damage caused to the locker. Charges may be applied by us for the repair of any damage caused by the User.

j) We shall have no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred to belongings left in any locker and by using the locker you acknowledged that you store items entirely at your own risk.

Lounge Areas

a) Wherever practically possible, Lounge Areas in the LABS Buildings will be available for use by you and up to 1 guest at any time free of charge for a maximum of 2 hours per day for each guest. We may, in our sole discretion, permit you to bring additional guests into the Lounge Areas, however we may charge an hourly rate for each additional guest.

b) Lounge Areas will be available for use during the opening hours displayed at each individual Lounge Area.

c) Lounge Areas may be used for recreation, individual working or short, informal meetings.

d) Lounge Areas are not designed for lengthy meetings and we reserve the right to terminate your access to the Lounge Areas if we believe your use of the space is impeding other members having fair use of the space.

Common Areas

a) Common areas are there for LABS Members to enjoy and although we have cleaning teams on site to support please do clean up after yourself to keep the space a welcoming environment.

b) Please do not use the common areas to conduct formal meetings and be aware that we may ask you to move into a meeting room (at your expense) should we discover you are using the space inappropriately or preventing other LABS Members and their guests from enjoying the space.

c) Please use the Common Areas with due regard to other users and in particular have regard to your noise levels. If you are making too much noise, you may be asked to leave the relevant Common Area.

d) While we want you to be able to use the Common Areas freely, please respect that other LABS Members may be using the Common Areas for other purposes and may require a degree of privacy and quietness. Likewise, if the space is noisy and you need somewhere quiet to focus, you may need to move to a different area.

e) Not everybody shares the same taste in music, so please do not to listen to music or any other audio at a volume audible to others in Common Areas.

f) Please respect others when using your mobile phone in Common Areas and avoid loud phone conversations.

g) For security and safety purposes you shall not leave open any corridor doors, exit doors or doors connecting corridors during or after business hours, and if you do so, it will be at your own risk. All corridors, halls, elevators and stairways shall not be obstructed by you or used for any purpose other than egress and ingress. You can only use common areas with our consent and those areas must always be kept neat and attractive.

Meeting Rooms

Booking Meeting Rooms

a) Meeting Rooms are booked by you submitting your request for a booking via email, telephone, via website or by attending the front desk of any LABS Building.

b) When booking a Meeting Room, you will be notified of the fee payable for that Booking.

c) We will send you a booking confirmation recording the details of that Booking (including the price payable). Please note that your booking is not confirmed until you have received this confirmation notification.

d) You accept that all your employees whose names are notified to us are able to book rooms on behalf of your business.

e) Meeting Rooms are there for LABS Members to enjoy and although we have cleaning teams on site to support please do clean up after yourself to keep the space a welcoming environment. If the space is left in what is deemed an unacceptable condition, then cleaning charges may apply.

Changes to Meeting Room bookings

e) If you wish to make any changes to your Booking, you can do so by notifying the front desk at the LABS Building where your Booking was made in person or by telephone. Please notify us of any changes as soon as possible. We will let you know if the change is possible and, if so, we will let you know about any changes to the fee payable in respect of such booking or anything else arising as a result of your requested change. We will then ask you to confirm whether you wish to go ahead with the change. If you do not wish to go ahead with the change, your booking shall remain unaltered unless you wish to cancel your Booking.

f) There may be occasions where, due to circumstances beyond our control, your Booking may be affected. We reserve the right to make any necessary changes to your Booking until such time as we are able to resume normal performance.

g) If we need to change your Booking, we shall notify you of such changes as soon as we can and you shall be entitled to cancel your booking accordingly. In such an instance, no cancellation fee shall be payable.

Cancellation of Meeting Room bookings

h) Cancellations can be made by contacting the front desk of the LABS Building where your Booking was made by telephone, email, website or in person. Any cancellation made will not be effective unless and until we confirm acceptance of that cancellation by sending you an email confirmation of the cancellation.

i) No cancellation fee shall be payable if a Booking is cancelled 2 Business Days or more prior to the date of the Booking. If cancelled 1 Business Days or less prior to the date of the Booking, 100% of the Fee for that Booking shall be payable.

Catering services

j) In addition to making available Meeting Rooms, we will make available to you catering services. Prior to the date of your booking, you may pre-order any required food or beverages.

k) Unless we agree otherwise at the time of a booking, any food or beverages to be consumed in a Meeting Room must be purchased through the catering services offered to you at the LABS Building.

l) If you would like to consume food and beverages in a Meeting Room that have not been purchased from us, we will charge ‘corkage’ at £5 per head for the consumption of any such food or beverages provided by you or by any third party catering service providers.

m) Any amounts payable in connection with the catering services ordered or any charges applied will be payable on your next invoice.

n) No cancellation fees for catering services shall be payable if a Booking is cancelled 3 Business Days or more prior to the date of the Booking. If cancelled 2 Business Days or less prior to the date of the Booking, 100% of the Fee for that Booking shall be payable.

Use of LABS Buildings

a) You shall use the LABS Buildings only for conducting your usual business in your own name and not for any medical or retail purposes involving frequent visits by members of the public or for any other use, unless explicitly agreed by LABS.

b) You shall not display any advertisements, signboards, nameplate, inscription, flag, banner, placard, poster(s), signs or notices anywhere in the LABS Buildings (including on doors and windows) without our prior written consent.

c) You shall not use our name or the specific brand of LABS or any LABS Building in any way in connection with the promotion of your business.

d) You shall not use any LABS Building as your registered office address or your address for service of legal proceedings, unless explicitly agreed by LABS.

e) You and your employees shall assist us in performing our obligations specified in our Terms and Conditions. Such cooperation shall include reasonable access to any Office Space and Equipment.

f) You shall not take into any LABS Building or have delivered to a LABS Building any noxious, harmful, dangerous, or perishable objects.

g) No article deemed hazardous on account of fire or any explosives shall be brought into the LABS Building. No offensive gases, odours or liquids shall be permitted. No firearms shall be permitted. The business centre is intended to be used solely for office use. You shall not burn any candles or incense or light any fires in any LABS Building.

h) Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is prohibited in the Common Areas or anywhere else inside any LABS Building.

i) Soliciting, canvassing and selling goods of any kind is prohibited in LABS Buildings save with our prior written approval.

j) The electrical current shall be used for ordinary lighting, powering personal computers and small appliances only unless written permission to do otherwise shall first have been obtained from us at an agreed cost to you. If you require any special installation or wiring for electrical use, telephone equipment or otherwise, such wiring shall be done at your expense by the personnel designated by us.

k) You shall not, without our prior written consent, store or operate in your office(s) or the LABS Building, any computer (accepting a personal computer) or any other large business machine, reproduction equipment, heating equipment, stove, radio, stereo equipment or other mechanical amplification equipment, vending or coin operated machine, refrigerator, boiler or coffee equipment. Additionally, you must not conduct a mechanical business therein, do any cooking therein, or use or allow to be used in the building where the business centre is located, oil burning fluids, gasoline, kerosene for heating, warming or lighting.

l) You shall not use the LABS Building for manufacturing or storage of merchandise except as such storage may be incidental to general office purposes. You shall not occupy or permit any portion of the LABS building to be occupied or used for the manufacture, sale, gift or use of liquor, narcotics or tobacco in any form.

m) No additional locks or bolts of any kind shall be placed upon any of the doors or windows of the LABS building by you nor shall any changes be made to existing locks or the mechanisms thereof.

n) All property belonging to you or any of your employees, agents or invitees shall be at the risk of such person only and we shall not be liable for damages thereto or for theft or misappropriation thereof.

o) In order to ensure that all LABS Members have a safe and secure working environment, you, your employees and visitors must comply with all health and safety requirements set out by us, by law and as are otherwise applicable to the LABS Building.

p) Please report all accidents, injuries and near misses to the front desk of the LABS Building.


We expect all LABS Members to interact with one another and with our staff in a respectful and professional manner. Any incidences of harassment or inappropriate behaviour will result in an offender being prohibited access to all LABS Buildings and (where applicable) having membership cancelled.

Dogs and other pets

a) Before bringing any dog or other pet into a LABS Building please check with the relevant General Manager. Note that there are various properties where animals may not allowed due to lease restrictions.

b) If agreed by the General Manager, you may bring your dog/pet into a LABS Building as long as you clean up after it, ensure that it does not disturb others and pay for any damage caused. Such permission may be revoked at any time and will be subject to the number of animals in any one LABS Building.

c) If a General Manager believes (at his or her discretion) that a dog/pet is causing disturbance, damage or any other negative issue they may stipulate that the animal is no longer allowed in a LABS Building, in which case you shall remove it immediately.

Post and deliveries

For Office members and Dedicated Desk members only, the Reception at your Home LABS Building will accept mail and parcels to be sent on your behalf to third parties between the hours of 8.30am-5:30pm on Business Days. We shall try to ensure timely dispatch but will not be liable for any damage or loss arising from such dispatch (or failure to dispatch). Kindly note that Coworking Members must have a Virtual Office membership in order for the Building Teams to accept post and parcels on your behalf.

Roaming members are not permitted to have mail or packages sent to a LABS Building unless explicitly agreed with a LABS General Manager.

We shall accept receipt of mail and small parcels addressed to you at your Home LABS Building between the hours of 8.30am-5:30pm on Business Days. While we will try to safeguard the mail and parcels we receive, we cannot accept any responsibility for any damage or loss. In the event that we are unable for any reason to deliver these to you, or if you fail to collect them from your designated mailbox within 14 days of receipt, we may dispose of them or return them to sender.

We will not accept delivery of large or heavy parcels or mail where we have concerns about the contents.

IT and Telephony Services

If you have declined our IT Services, Telephony Services or both of our IT and Telephony Services, and you would like one of our I.T. technicians to attend a LABS Building in order to gain access to the Communications Room, or you would like assistance from one of our I.T technicians or another member of the LABS team for any other reason related to your own I.T and/or telephony system or Equipment (including but not limited to wayleave arrangements and site surveys) for more than 30 minutes, the following access fees shall be payable by you for every hour or part of an hour that you require our I.T technician to be in attendance or to have access to the Communications Room:

  • between the hours of 8:30am – 5:30pm, Monday to Friday: £8 per hour; or
  • any time outside the hours of 8:30am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday: £127.50 per hour (2 hour minimum charge).


We have CCTV in strategic areas of our LABS Buildings to safeguard our staff, our members and our property and to assist in the prevention of crime, High resolution images may be recorded at any time but access will be restricted and images will only be disclosed in accordance with purposes for which they were originally collected. If you have any queries in relation to CCTV please contact [email protected]

Personal Data

Personal data may be collected by us from time to time in respect of member occupation of the relevant LABS Building. This is necessary for security purposes so that we are aware at all times of the number and identity of building occupants. Access to such information will be restricted and will only be disclosed for building management, security health and safety reasons. Our full privacy notice can be found at and should you need to make a data protection enquiry, this can be sent to [email protected]


a) We may for marketing purposes take photographs or video footage in our LABS Buildings. Where these images and footage include you and/or a guest, we will seek permission at the time the photograph/video is taken.

b) If you wish to use any of our images of LABS Buildings then you must request this in writing with a copy of the images you wish to use.

c) You agree that any images or material from any document or webpage produced by us (including data, illustrations, designs, photographs, video clips, text, graphics and logos) are owned exclusively by us and/or our content providers. Any use or distribution is prohibited without our prior written permission.

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